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5 Easy Steps to Finding The Best Local Dog Walkers

July 23, 2018
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Every dog needs daily exercise in order to remain physically and mentally healthy, but it isn’t always plausible for the dog owner. Perhaps you’ve come down with an injury – ouch! – and are unable to take your furry companion for a walk or maybe your schedule doesn’t allow for you and your dog to hit the pavement on a regular basis. Hiring a dog walker in the area is an excellent alternative.

However, choosing someone you don’t know to walk your dog is no easy task, as there are several things to consider to ensure a happy and safe experience for your dog. Fortunately, Quotr makes it easier. Here are the top steps to choosing a dog walker in the area that is not only well-qualified for the job but also, a good match for your furry companion.

Hiring a dog walker, dog walking, dog walker in the area, hire a dog walker, Canadian thumbtack, thumbtack Canada, dog walking services, local dog walkers, local dog walking services,

  1. Ask for Recommendations

Ask your family and friends for dog walker recommendations. Perhaps they have a child who is eager to gain some work experience or maybe they’ve had to hire a dog walker recently themselves. This is an excellent way to gain insight from people you trust.


  1. Look for a Dog Walker on Quotr

Quotr is like the Canadian Thumbtack in the sense that we allow you to find local pros for pretty much everything you can think of – dog walkers, included.  Simply fill out some questions about your furry companion, post your project, and let the local dog walking services come to you. Browse through the options, view experience, ratings and portfolios, and evaluate the dog walking price. Once you’ve found a dog walker you’d like to hire, select their quote and we will release their information to you. This ensures that the Quotr is unable to spam you with marketing calls, emails – or worse, house visits. When you’re ready, reach out to them.


  1. Invite Potential Dog Walkers to Meet Your Pooch

Inarguably, one of the most important factors when choosing a dog walker is whether or not your dog is comfortable when around this person. You can have the most qualified dog walker on Quotr but if your dog sniffs something is off, it can be a ruff experience. So, always arrange a meeting with potential candidates and your dog to allow both ends to get a scent of what the other is about.


  1. Conduct an Interview with Potential Dog Walkers

A dog walker may not seem like a “real job” but don’t be mistaken. They’re spending alone time with your furry companion and you want to ensure they are trustworthy and responsible enough to do so.

Always conduct an interview with the dog walker you’re considering hiring. Consider asking these top 10 questions to ask a dog walker.


  1. Go for a Test Walk

Just as you would take a car for a test drive before purchasing to ensure you’re making the right choice, you want to see how your dog walker can handle your pooch. So, head out on a walk together but stand off to the side and let the dog walker do the walking to see how they handle your dog’s habits, behaviours, and surroundings.

Tip: Make sure the dog walker is paying attention to your dog’s body language and needs during the walk, as opposed to simply walking with him or her.

Whether you’re looking for a dog walking services for a short-term or need to hire a dog walker on a regular basis, Quotr can help you find local dog walking services that meet your standards and requirements. Sign up for a Quotr account today and enjoy the luxuries of having the quotes come to you instead of having to sift through hundreds of dog walking advertisements, cold-calling a variety of people for an initial quote and having to waste time arranging dog walkers that aren’t a good match.

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