5 Exterior Household Repairs to do With Your Spring Cleaning

April 10, 2018
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As all of us Canadians prepare to do some spring cleaning, many of them will forget vital steps that can be detrimental to their home. While scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming like your life depends on it is an important step to spring cleaning, you never want to forget to do these exterior household repairs and maintenance.

5 Spring Cleaning Household Repairs to Do

Here are the top five exterior household repairs to do for spring.

1. Clean the Gutters

You know what they say, spring showers bring May flowers… But spring showers can also bring flooding into your home which can be quite costly. That’s also not to mention that clogged gutters are ideal conditions for mosquito infestations, mold and mildew – none of which are fun. So, pull out your ladder, put on your work gloves and start cleaning out the gutters before the rain starts to fall this season. Here are some things you don’t want to forget:

  • Check your gutters for holes
  • Make sure all the downspouts are properly attached
  • Readjust the downspouts if need to ensure the water flows away from the house

2. Clear the Roof

While you’re up there on the ladder cleaning out the gutters, might as well do a once-over of your roof. The winter season brings all sorts of debris, some of which can be damaging to the roof or potentially dangerous as we move into the rainy season. Here are some things to look for when checking your roof for damage in the spring:

  • Black streaks on asphalt shingles (algae that’s basically eating your roof)
  • Lifted or missing shingles
  • Animal nests

3. Fix The Driveway

The winter season has a miraculous talent that seems to basically rip up some of the world’s hardest materials. Yes, we’re talking roadways and driveways. Once the snow melts, every Canadian city is like pothole central, and while we certainly don’t recommend tending to any of the potholes on the city streets (although, we understand how tempting that can be), you can fix your driveway. Here are some driveway maintenance services to consider:

  • Concrete driveway repairs
  • Re-sealing the surface
  • Concrete leveling and lifting
  • Power wash the driveway to clear debris

4. Fertilize the Lawn

Although everything looks dead outside right now, you certainly don’t want it to stay that way as we move into the spring season. So, pick up some fertilizer and a basic push fertilizer spreader, and treat your lawn to some well-need TLC. But before you do just that, you’ll want to clear away any of the following:

  • Trash
  • Dead leaves
  • Broken branches
  • Debris left over from winter

5. Restain Your Wood Deck

After months of hibernating inside, you’re likely eager to dust off the patio furniture and finally start using the deck again. However, before you do just that, you’ll want to restain your deck now, so you don’t have to move all the furniture several times.
This is an important exterior home maintenance step you don’t want to skip because the winter season is exceptionally harsh on wood surfaces. The changes in temperatures and overload of precipitation causes wood to wear out faster, if not properly sealed and stained. Here are some deck repairs and maintenance services to consider:

  • Re-stain your wood deck
  • Re-seal your wood deck
  • Replace cracked, wood or loose wood planks
  • Fix loose or damaged handrails
  • Replace weakened support posts

Windows, siding, gutters, oh my. Take a thorough look at the exterior of your home and see if there are any exterior home repairs to be done. Look at the gutters, check for cracked foundation or chipped paint, and instead of pulling out the massive ladder, consider hiring a professional to prep your home for spring instead. Find a quote quick on Quotr.

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