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Should Contractors Bother with Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

July 9, 2016
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As a contractor and/or service provider, it’s easy to assume that your experience, quality or price of the job are what gets you hired. However, it usually comes down to your levels of customer service.

From a consumer’s standpoint, your level of customer satisfaction defines how your business is operating.

The shocking thing is that most contractors don’t both to find out whether or not they’re customers are thoroughly satisfied. Just because they paid and provided you with a tip doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re satisfied enough to give you recommendations and a positive word of mouth.

This is crucial to understand because if  your customers aren’t happy, others take note and avoid your business because they assume that your work is as poor as your customer service. Don’t believe us? Check out these customer service stats and business tips that are sure to convince you otherwise.

contractor, general contractors near me, customer satisfaction, business statistics


What type of survey is the most beneficial for a contractor?

Utilizing customer satisfaction surveys provides crucial data pertaining to how products and services exceed or fall short of customers’ expectations. It’s the first step to improving your contractor business to ensure a company’s future growth and success.

To determine the ideal type of customer satisfaction survey to use, you need to consider:

  • The benefits of each
  • Cost
  • Coverage of targeted audience
  • respondents’ willingness to participate
  • Response accuracy


Here are some of our favourite methods for obtaining crucial information about your customers’ satisfaction.

  1. Web Survey Solutions

With every job completed, you provide a receipt or invoice. This can be an excellent way to encourage your customers to leave feedback in regards to their level of customer satisfaction. In order to increase the level of participance, you should adjust your receipt and invoice settings to print the web survey link right on invoice. It must be clearly stated, and visible in order to captivate your customers’ attention.

Some contractors choose to separate the web survey link from the rest of the invoice, or circle it as they’re telling your customers about it. The latter is a great option to truly take your customer service levels to the next level.

But why would this work, you ask? It’s simple. We live in a digital age and people like the Internet. It’s quick and easy and takes next to no effort on their behalf. For you as a contractor, web surveys allow you to:

  • Easily track participation of survey by analyzing number of sales
    • Determine why customers’ are not participating based on demographics of participation
  • Make progress
    • By conducting several surveys over a period time, you can measure the results and put them into action to improve your business


  1. Mobile Devices and Apps

Mobile Internet usage is at an all time high. The majority of people have some sort of technology with them at any given time. So, take advantage of this. Whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, tablet, desktop, smart TV or some other new and innovative device, it can be an excellent way to get customers to participate in a satisfaction survey. After all, your consumers are on their phone and tablets anyway.

Here are some things to consider:

The key is to make it easy for them to access your customer satisfaction survey. You may want to take this opportunity to design or edit your contractor company app to input a section for feedback. Another innovative way to provide easy access to your survey that works for customers is to implement a QR code, and customers can scan it with their smartphone and be taken straight to the survey in seconds.

The benefits for you as a contractor include:

  • Customer Acquisition
    • Encouraging consumers to provide feedback and taking action will show you’re great to do business with; you’re ambitious and eager to go above and beyond to satisfy their needs
  • Sales Opportunity
    • You can address issues that you may not have known about otherwise
      • Increase sales and customer loyalty
  1. Email Communication

According to VingApp, email is the preferred method of commercial communication by 74% of all online adults.  Utilizing an email marketing strategy will provide an easy-to-follow, straightforward survey that can be accessed right from the company newsletter with a simple click.

  • 26% of users check their personal email account four or more times per day (VingApp)
  • 30% of people check email two to three times per day (VingApp)

Reaching out to your current customers with a satisfaction survey will:

  • Enhance customer loyalty
    • Discover any issues immediately, and fix them accordingly in a timely manner to showcase the high level of customer service
  • Reduce retention
    • Customers will feel more comfortable sharing their opinion and quality of service experienced, allowing you to address the issues that are really happening


  1. Survey Incentive

The secret to getting participants is to provide them with a reason to take the survey. Whether it’s a customer satisfaction survey printed on an invoice, on a mobile device or through email communication, you have to excite the consumer. You have to make them want to fill it out. Coupon codes and exclusive discounts are incredible incentives that will increase the amount of participants and it brings business back to your business.

Using this method of customer satisfaction survey comes with many benefits:

  • Encourage repeat business
    • Providing an incentive such as a discount code gives consumers a reason to come back
  • Increase referrals
    • Customers will share their experience with others, including the feedback process and how they received an incredible incentive, which will encourage others to provide feedback as well


A 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect of decreasing costs by 10%, and a 5% reduction in customer defection rate can increase profits by 5-90%


Implementing customer satisfaction surveys can give you a competitive edge, as you’re able to take your customer service levels to an entirely new realm. And remember,  the higher the customer satisfaction, the higher the customer loyalty – and that’s how you reach your pinnacle of success.

Ready to give your new customer service skills a shot? Sign into Quotr today and browse the contractor projects available for your niche.


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